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Silly module tricks

I’d been jealous of a nice haskell feature, as I typically am, and thought I’d try to get as close as I could with javascript, as I typically do. The “must have” feature is the ability to mix in a module globally or qualify it with a name. Suppose we have an Account module with two functions: sayName and User. Here’s the desired behavior:

I can mix in all the exported functions to the global namespace

import Accounts

introduce :: Name
introduce = sayName user
	where user = User "brian"
Or I can qualify the name so nothing clashes namespacewise.

import qualified Accounts as Accts

introduce :: Accts.Name
introduce = Accts.sayName user
	where user = Accts.User "brian"
Here’s what I came up with in js:



var user = Acct.User('brian');
var introduction = Acct.sayName(user);
or unqualified:


var user = User('brian');
var introduction = sayName(user);
The account module looks like this:

var installer = require('./support/installer');

var User = function(x) { return {name: x} }

var _getName = pluck('name');

var sayName = compose("'Hi my name is '+", _getName);

installer.exports(module, {User: User, sayName: sayName});
I’m always looking for something cleaner so let me know if you find it!

*EDIT: Here’s installer.js

var exports = function(mod, obj) {
  var GLOBAL = (typeof(window) == 'undefined') ? global : window;
  mod.exports = {
    as: function(name) {
      var target;
      if(name) {
        target = GLOBAL[name] = {};
      } else {
        target = GLOBAL;
      for(k in obj) target[k] = obj[k];

module.exports = {exports: exports}
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